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Siyabonga Oil and Fuel Distributors is an inventive, customer-driven supplier of lubricants, committed to ensuring continuous and speedy logistical solutions to each individual customer's lubricant requirements.

We strive to present a flexible and customer focused lubricant offering whereby individual customers' needs are carefully assessed and a unique solution that is both efficient and effective is presented.

Adding value is our major focus.

We have been in operation since 2009. We have 10 years' experience in supplying lubricants to the automotive and industrial sectors. We supply lubricants and equipment to any size workshop from small one-man workshops to substantially sized nationwide commercial dealerships.

We offer credit terms of 30 days

We Offer

Credit terms of 30 days from date of statement.
Delivery lead time = 24 hours nationwide on certain brands.

Top quality, meticulously blended lubricants


Our lubricants are top quality, meticulously blended from new base oils. No recycled oils are ever used, ensuring that you get the best possible quality lubricants for the unique needs of your business and your clientele.

for NO
capital outlay



The world’s largest supplier of industrial oils since 1931.


High performance lubricants that are purpose-suited to a spectrum of automotive and industria sectors.


Top quality products with competitive pricing and blends.


At the forefront of oil technology and offering some of the most advanced lubricants available today.


The number one global lubricant supplier.


Lubrication Equipment
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